Platform enabling simultaneous management of multiple TeamSpeak 3 server members. Features fully-fledged user, access control, and admin systems. Access is currently marketed as a monthly subscription.


  • Full multi-tenancy. Originally, only a single TeamSpeak server per instance was supported, but the platform was rewritten from the ground up in 2023 to allow for multiple TeamSpeak servers to be used per instance.
  • Advanced management of large numbers of members at the same time. Mass-add and mass-remove server groups from TeamSpeak server members at will.
  • Granular permission controls allow for creation of roles, permission groups, and more, to restrict management access to specific tiers of users
  • Fully-fledged user system, with email invitations, site-wide admin dashboard, impersonation, and more.
  • Integrated with a backend FOSSBilling panel to process monthly subscriptions for users.
  • Robust logging system records every action taken on the system, to keep server admins informed regarding what resources their staff members are accessing, and which server members they are modifying.
  • Secure two-factor authentication for users


Development StartedJune 2019
Development FinishedN/A -- actively in development
Hours Invested> 300
Technologies UsedNode.JS, Vue, MySQL, Redis, SCSS, Socket.IO


Dashboard Overview
Dashboard Members
Dashboard Users
Dashboard Invitations
Dashboard Roles
Dashboard Permission Groups
Account Profile
Account MFA Settings
Account Servers

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