WePlayGames Platform

Platform connecting video game freelancers with clients to enable a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows users to pay for competitive team members, coaching, or virtually any other service.


  • Freelancer system. Users are able to register as freelancers and post their gaming-related services on the site, coordinate with customers to fulfill those services, and receive payment.
  • Dynamic job creation and review system, allowing users to leave reviews on jobs, and allowing freelancers to respond to those reviews.
  • Payment wallet system, collecting payments for freelancers through PayPal and distributing payouts from their wallets.
  • User system with two-factor authentication and a block on the top 1,000 commonly-used passwords. Features profile customization, allowing users to add avatar images and a Markdown bio.
  • Blocking system, allowing users to block other users so they don't show up in search results and won't message them.
  • Real-time chat messaging system with support for markdown formatting, read receipts, and more. Used for simple chat, order chat, and more.
  • Content reporting system, allows users to report jobs, users, and specific chat messages for administrator review.
  • CMS allowing site administrators to add games, job types
  • Role system, allowing site administrators to easily control who can do what on the plaform. Each user account can only be assigned one role.
  • IP blacklist/whitelist, allowing site administrators to easily restrict overall platform access.
  • Early signup system, restricting access to certain user accounts and showing a welcome/signup screen to all other visitors.
  • Community page, showing general community statistics, as well as a customizable block of text.


Development StartedApril 2020
Development FinishedJanuary 2021
Hours Invested~250
Technologies UsedNode.JS, Vue, MySQL, Redis, SCSS, Socket.IO


Play Now
Place Order Page
Order PageOrder page with real-time chat, read receipts, and context functions.
Chat SystemReal-time chat system powered by websockets featuring notifications, read receipts, and reporting.
Chat Message Reporting
Report Resolution SystemAdmin dashboard section allowing site moderators to review reports and provide comments.
Real-Time Notification System
Profile Settings
Image Cropping
Freelancer AgreementAble to be customized by site administrators.
Freelancer OverviewShows the freelancer a list of steps to ensure their profile meets community standards.
Freelancer PicturesSection allowing freelancers to upload multiple pictures for their profile.
Job CreationThis is the main edit page for freelancer jobs.
Job Creation cont.Second part of the job creation page.
Admin DiscussionFreelancers have an admin discussion section allowing them speak with site admins at any time in a live-chat ticket format, and vice-versa.
Community Page
IP Blacklist
Role Permissions
System Settings
Early Signup

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